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Welcome to Ergo Poetry

Ergo Poetry is a community of poets from all over the world who gather to share poems and talk about writing and words. The community is known to be very creative and to burst into Haiku at a moments notice. If you're new, sign-up for an account and poke around the site a bit. If you have questions, just ask.

Recent Poems

Poem TitleWriterComments
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12 daze kpaul.mallasch1
dream scene kpaul.mallasch0
oh my reader kpaul.mallasch1
Enough Already berri0
pop-writer kpaul.mallasch0
tight trope walking kpaul.mallasch0
lingering dream kpaul.mallasch0
heavy wait kpaul.mallasch0
What You Ask For... arkufahl0
Autumn arkufahl0
Not again... kpaul.mallasch2
Don't Go kerouac0
gauntlet frost42_240
memory frost42_242
Black-eyed Susan Sutra (2) softserve6
It's the Start softserve3
Freezing arkufahl0

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Recent comments

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I amfrost42_241 year 1 week ago
alsofrost42_241 year 4 weeks ago
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