June something 2014

The night in Idaho is high and thousands of years wide. Silhouettes of maples are splashed up upon the dim tangerine glum of street lights. The sighs of whooshing traffic somewhere past those shadows, and perhaps the whole sky is sighing, sighs each night around this time we just don't hear it. Too busy staring at the TV or staring at the phone, or just staring. Staring at a blank wall, or even staring up directly at it, but our minds drift far away far away into a parallel universe that doesn't exist; we watch ourselves be younger and fitter and freer living life to its absolute breaking point...we watch ourselves...we watch ourselves as fiction. While tonite there are no stars in the Idaho sky and no moon either. Who is out there dreaming right now besides me? I am, yes, you heard that right--a DREAMER and that means I am afraid. I am afraid to wake up, that I will see things how they really are and not how they could be. If only. REAL dreams, mind you, real dreamers aren't content with Super Bowls or exotic girls or mansions. We go for the big stuff. We see the big picture. Oceans filled with floating cities. Bridges that join galaxies. Afterlives where we're all here and it never gets boring. Imagine that--imagine!--don't just sit there but really dare to imagine it. Don't just accept it, be brave! But dreams do go as they come. Dreamers, we come and go. Who else is out there dreaming? The maples? The traffic? The sleeping dogs in people's yards? The parallel universes? The blank walls? Dreams come and go. Skies, galaxies, they come and go. Who else is out there dreaming?


I am.

Glad you're out there! :)

Glad you're out there! :)

Just read this again...

Even better the second time around.

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