moon Poems and Poetry

Fearing You...arkufahl
muse amuses at village green recordskpaul.mallasch
Earth Princesskpaul.mallasch
muncie momentkpaul.mallasch
You didn't say...arkufahl
deez wordskpaul.mallasch
life on the starshipkpaul.mallasch
moon, litekpaul.mallasch
moon work and the loss of itkpaul.mallasch
tired of the tideskpaul.mallasch
expectations vs realitykpaul.mallasch
planetary archipelagokpaul.mallasch
safe in outer spacekpaul.mallasch
a novel approach to lifekpaul.mallasch
a different placekpaul.mallasch
math of the moonkpaul.mallasch
out back counting starskpaul.mallasch
time spinkpaul.mallasch