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Generating machines
Generalizing machines

We live to learn
To expand our minds.
But we can only expand
Based on what we already
have learned.

So you read a journal of yours
you made 10 years back,
and you find
you're still saying the same things.
Keeping your routine.
Having most of the same
philosophical thoughts
with only a grain more knowledge
to add to your previous questioning
& make only one tiny alteration
in belief direction.

Out of all the information passed
between each human
between each detail of
social meaning
social structure
social motive.

You read people's words.
How often they say their philosophies to you,
how often we talk about the same subjects
repeat the same subjects
in different scenarios,
& it's funny how we can't remember ourselves
doing it all those times.
How we can still repeat
logical fallacies
& still know we're wrong,
but can't stop the words coming out
of our mouths,
let alone the sentence structure out of our heads
if we succeed with holding tongue.

We need billions of people
to bounce ideas off of
to keep our minds
working at all.

It's no wonder isolated people
get suicidal thoughts.

A brain that doesn't bounce ideas
is a brain that's dying.

Kinetic & mental energy
is all that's keeping
us alive.

Controlled by biology
and history,
we are moved by environmental circumstance,
limited to the few choices we have -
to learn or not to learn.
To know, or not to know.

& perhaps the more we know,
the more we can reach our full potential
of our genetics.

I think if the third stanza

I think if the third stanza here applied to me, I'd just go ahead and die. It amazes me that more people don't have at least a little bit of curiosity and drive in the learning department, that they don't care to expand their perspective. hell, there's just so much interesting stuff to think about, but, like your poem points out, too many just don't even care. I'm glad you're thinking about it Berri.

I don't think people who are

I don't think people who are unmotivated are necessarily NOT thinking. But I think that not being happy with what's around them has some how enslaved them to feel like the area they're in is the best they can't get.

You don't know until you've experienced things... Therefore, it's easy to make a judgment about something right in front of you. I don't think too many people don't care, I think they just don't know & don't want to waste their time on something that might depress them too much. I can say that from my own experiences.


The world is round and we keep coming full circle because we have nowhere else to go :)

I enjoyed your thoughts, berri.

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